Working with Teams

This course introduces or refreshes an understanding of what it means to work together as a team, assisting team members to create an environment to achieve a mutually agreed upon outcome. Those in lay and leadership roles are part of fostering a church community and part of a team focused upon a particular mission. A […]

Ethics and Boundaries: Lay Leadership and Ministry

This course will reflect on the boundaries, expectations and policies that exist in leadership, for the lay leader’s protection and the people being served. It will also help to develop an understanding of leading through accountability to one’s own self, in the living out of self-care and care for others.

Guide for Mentors of Lay Leaders (ELCIC), Locally Ordained Leaders (ACC), and Local Collaborative Ministry Teams (Diocese of Rupert’s Land)

The purpose of this guide is to help equip Lay and Local Leadership instructors and mentors, including those of Local Collaborative Ministry (LCM) with educative tools for facilitating learning, individually and in teams.

Introducing Lay and Local Leadership

This course will provide a basic understanding of the context, meaning, and purpose of lay and local leadership in today’s church. It will explore servant leadership and ministry in the local church and the community, and can be used as part of a discipleship plan for any laity to acquaint them with a calling.

Faith Stories II: Spiritual Care

The course examines self-care practices that can be beneficial to spiritual health, including becoming aware of the needs of both body and spirit, developing supports, and the care dimension of prayer. It will also look at how to write a reflection journal to help in the reduction of stress in ministry.

Faith Stories I: Mission in Context

This course introduces the power of story, particularly God’s story, to shape our identity and our way of living with and relating to others. We learn from stories and conversations of others, and in doing so gain a better understanding and more holistic view of faith and mission.