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This course examines the resources available for planning worship in the Anglican and Lutheran tradition, and explores constructing a worship service from beginning to end, including readings, hymnody, and prayers. Learners will find it difficult to take this course without previously studying Worship I: Introduction to Liturgical Theology.

Course Developers

Ann Salmon
Rev. Dr. Ann Salmon’s reach has extended from the northeast coast of the US to Connecticut, and from a Bachelor of Science in Music Education to a MDiv. Ann has been both a professional flutist and a teaching fellow in Systematic Theology and Liturgics. She began serving Waterloo congregations as an Anglican priest and as a Lutheran pastor when she moved to Canada in 2008, first in Ottawa and later in Edson, Alberta in 2012. She graduated with a DMin from the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Saskatoon in 2017, where she served as the Director of Contextual Education as well as the Dean of Chapel.
Rita Harrison
The Rev. Rita Harrison has a BSc (Honours) degree in Mathematics from Carleton University, a BEd from the University of Ottawa, and a MDiv from the Boston University School of Theology. Before ordination, she was a teacher in high schools, colleges and universities in Ottawa and Boston. She has worked in the dioceses of Ottawa, Saskatoon, Kootenay, BC and Huron, ON. Much of her ministry has revolved around pastoral care, Christian education, and training others in these areas. Rita has reviewed curriculum and Christian Education resources for the Anglican Theological Review.

Course Hours

4 Hours